Argan Shampoo Turkish Bath Set

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Our natural soapy bath set with argan shampoo and olive oil is a cure-all! 100% cotton colored loincloth (90x200cm), 18cm diameter bath bowl, gourd body fiber (17x13cm), silk face pouch (9x10cm), bamboo comb (5x18cm), pumice stone ( 5x10.5cm), olive oil natural soap (7x7x3.5cm), shower fiber, Farmasi branded argan shampoo (375ml) and IKEA brand scented candle (7cm diameterx5.5cm).


Hope you use it on pleasant days ...

Farmasi products do not contain paraben, triclosan, heavy metal, phosphate, formaldehyde, phthalate. Refuses the use of animal ingredients, dermatologically tested, not tested on animals. GMO plants are not used..


Argan Shampoo Turkish Bath Set

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