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Turkish Delight with -Turkish Delight with Spice and Herbal Blend

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Weight: 220gr-0-49lb

Weight: 220gr-0-49lb
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Weight: 220gr-0-49lb, 450gr-0-99lb
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Turkish Delight with -Turkish Delight with Spice and Herbal Blend

Turkish Delight with Aphrodisiac-Turkish Delight with Spice and Herbal Blend

Mesir paste has many beneficial properties that facilitate digestion, gives strength, acts as a sexual stimulant, appetite, relieves fatigue, provides immunity to the poison of poisonous animals, and is believed to cure diseases such as colds, flu and colds.

Mesir paste has a supporting effect in the treatment of diseases such as germ-breaking, stomach sedative, rheumatism, inflammation, appetite, milk enhancer and urinary tract.

Scientific studies show that Turkish Mesir Delight– Aphrodisiac Mesir Paste, which is a purely herbal organic product, solves the problem of erection without any side effects.


In 2016, laboratory tests at Manisa Celal Bayar University (MCBU) confirmed scientifically that Turkish mesir paste was the source of healing. In 2012, it was protected by UNESCO and entered the World Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


%100 original and fresh. You can eat without any worries. You will be strong!!! That will make you strong!!!


Turkish Mesir Delight – Aphrodisiac Mesir Paste, known as a healing paste made from a mixture of more than 40 spices. Mesir Macunu is prepared according to the traditional information transferred from generation to generation. It is a Turkish traditional flavor since 16. century.

The emergence of mesir paste, which is accepted as a healing food, is based on a historical significance. The Nevruz week, which includes various cultural and traditional practices and is considered the beginning of spring, has been going on for almost 400 years. Putty wrapped in small paper, scattered to the public from the Sultan Mosque. The people gathered around the Sultan Mosque in the same period every year, festivity and mesir paste is distributed.



Below is a list of spices and herbs used in making the Mesir Paste, along with their Turkish and Latin names: Allspice (Yeni bahar) (Pimenta dioica),Alpina officinarum root (Havlican koku) (Alpina officinarium), Anise (Anason) (Anisum vulgare), Black cumin (Corek otu) (Nigella sativa), Black Myrobalan (Kara halile) (Terminalia nigra), Black pepper (Karabiber) (Piper nigrum), Buckthorn (Topalak or Akdiken) (Nerprun alaterne), Cardamon (Kakule) (Elettaria cardamomum), Cassia (Hiyarsenbe) (Cassia), Chebulic myrobalan (Kara halile) (Terminalia chebula), China root (Cop-i cini) (Smilax china), Cinnamon (Tarcin) (Cinnamomum verum), Cloves (Karanfil) (Syzygium aromaticum), Coconut (Hindistan cevizi) (Cocos nucifera), Coriander (Kisnis) (Coriandum sativum), Cubeb (Kebabe) (Cubebae fructus), Cumin (Kimyon) (Cuminum cyminum), Dried orange blossom (Portakal cicegi), Fennel (Rezene) (Foeniculum vulgare), Galingale (Havlican) (Alpinia officinarum), Ginger (Zencefil) (Zingibar officinalis), Iksir sugar (Iksir sekeri), India blossom (Hindistan cicegi), Java Pepper (Kuyruklu biber) (Piper cubeba), Licorice extract (Meyan bali) (Glycyrrhiza uralensis fisch), Licorice root (Meyan koku) (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Mastic (Cam sakizi) (Mastichum), Millet (Hintdarisi) (Pennisetum glaucum), Myrrh (Murrusafi) (Commiphora Molmol), Muskroot (Sumbul) (Adoxa moschatellina), Mustard seed (Hardal tohumu) (Brassica nigra), Orange peel (Portakal kabugu), Rhubarb (Ravend) (Rheum Palmatum), Saffron (Safran) (Crocus Orientalis), Citric acid (Limon tuzu), Senna (Sinameki) (Cassia senna), Turmeric (Zerdecal) (Curcuma domestica), Udulkahr (Udulkahir), Vanilla (Vanilya) (Vanilla planifolia), Woad (Civit) (Isatis), Yellow myrobalan (Sari halile) (Fructus myrobalani)


Legal Notice:

This is completely a natural product, not a medicine. This item increases your performance and body condition. If you have health problems related to blood pressure, high tension, and heart issues, consuming this product isn’t recommended. Thank you.