Magnetic Mask Luis Bien - Lujain Beauty
Magnetic Mask Luis Bien - Lujain Beauty
Magnetic Mask Luis Bien - Lujain Beauty

Magnetic Mask Luis Bien

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Magnetic Mask Luis Bien

  • ✓Dermatologically Tested. 
  • ✓Contains Iron Powder and Cyclopentasiloxane.
  • ✓With Iron Based Special Formula; Helps Eliminate Fine Lines And Wrinkles On Your Face.
  • ✓It cleans your skin deeply, prevents the formation of acne and eliminates roughness on the skin surface.

Magnetic Solution to Skin Problems

  • ✓Magnetic Mask contributes to the deep cleansing and moisturizing of the face with the magnetizing method that helps your skin care, thus providing your skin care.
  • ✓It helps your face to have a more beautiful appearance.
  • ✓It has an intense moisturizing effect.
  • ✓Magnetic Mask, which is used to purify blackheads, get rid of dead skin and provide color flow to your skin, provides care and deep care for your skin.
  • ✓It helps to make the color tone unevenness disappear.


What Does a Magnetic Mask Do?

  • ✓It cleanses from black spots.
  • ✓Reveals vibrant and healthy skin by purifying the dead skin on the skin.
  • ✓It evens out the skin tone.
  • ✓It contributes to purify the skin from dirt and blackheads and to give your skin a natural tone.
  • ✓It provides effective care by helping to accelerate blood flow in the skin.

Powerful Care

 It moisturizes and repairs the skin. It supports your skin care while purifying the skin.


Tone Equality

 It creates a porcelain skin appearance by equalizing the skin tone.


Purifying Care

 It cleanses the skin from dirt, dead skin and excess sebum. It creates a smooth and silky skin appearance.