Combination Skin Care: The Complete Guide (2021)

Combination Skin Care: The Complete Guide (2021) - Lujain Beauty

COMBINATION SKIN CARE: The Complete Guide (2021)

Combination skin usually causes a great discomfort with an unstable balance which requires a special attention and specific care.

What are the factors that tend to aggravate the combination skin to oily skin? How to treat the recurrent problems of combination skin?

  1. How to recognize combination skin?
  2. What are the causes of combination skin?
  3. Combination skin is not for all life!
  4. Good signs, and actions to avoid for combination skin
  5. How to apply makeup to combination skin?
  6. How to fight pimples and get rid of blackheads?
  7. Winter and summer! should care for combination skin be adapted for each?
  8. Expert advice

How to recognize combination skin?

 When you have combination skin, it often tends to grease easily, blackheads and acne appear in some areas, this type of skin has mostly an unstable balance which makes it difficult to manage; It is an unbalanced skin, whose problems are not permanent.

What are the causes of combination skin?

There are many factors that cause the combination skin: genetic, hormonal or external factors. Most women between 20 and 30 years old suffer from combination skin. 
Among the aggravating factors that cause this type of skin, tobacco is the greatest (which clogs the pores and tends to disrupt the hormonal balance because of the androgens), 
the sweet diet, rich in saturated fat or industrial products; Some contraceptive pills will also tend to unbalance the skin or even some IUDs, pollution and stress as well.
Finally, the cosmetic factors play a big part: Oils on the face, thick or rich daily cream, and all the occlusive products in general, especially the multiplication of thick cosmetics and the superposition of creams. 
 All of these factors will further complicate the case of combination skin. In this context, the cosmetic survey is somewhat complex and its treatment can sometimes turn into a nightmare without the help of a professional. 

Combination skin is not for all life!

Our skin type changes over time and during the seasons, hence it’s difficult to adapt daily products. 
The good news: in general, the phenomenon of oily skin will diminish in young adults; For 35-years-old women and 45-years-old men, the skin becomes less oily and turns into normal or even dry skin. 
After the age of 55 for women and about 60 for men, the skin becomes dry.
Because of the evolution of hormonal secretions, in summary, we have a dry skin in childhood, oily in adolescence and will tend to be normal in adulthood.  
 Conclusion: avoid using the same products of your mother or grandmother, because the skin does not have the same needs at all ages.
 To know also: our skin will change during the seasons, for women, during the major hormonal changes (pregnancy). 
 The question of combination skin is therefore difficult but be sure that it is not impossible. 
We might have a combination skin which is oily and sensitive at the same time, so it must be known that the daily care used for combination or oily skin is often irritating (scrubs, fruit acids ...). 
In addition, people tend to have a heavy hand which leads Irritated skin to grease and therefore appear pimples; We might also make some mistakes, for example, wash our face with a foaming soap which will bring that desired sense of purity, without applying the cream afterward. 
The epidermis which has lost its hydrolipidic film will, therefore, activate in reaction to the production of sebum; To avoid this vicious circle is to avoid irritating your skin at all costs. 
 Apply a very light moisturizer to prevent this phenomenon. 

Good signs, and actions to avoid

 If you really feel like you have an area which is more oily than the other, you must actually focus on this area, but in general, it is better to look after the whole face. 
When you have a combination skin, the choice of a good cosmetic is crucial: in the morning, opt for a treatment that regulates the production of sebum and applies a fairly light fluid cream that contains mattifying agents. 
A detailed point: if you really have a skin that shines all day, it is better to go to the dermato to be prescribed an acid vitamin A cream that reduces the production of sebum (which can only be obtained by prescription.) 
This cream will be applied in the evening or every other evening.
Know it: there is no need to have oily skin to care about your skin; do not hesitate to take stock once every two years at your dermato. 

How to apply makeup to combination skin?

Choose a natural light makeup, that you can use foundation only if you do not apply it for the whole day. 
You can also possibly apply setting powder after foundation, to avoid multiplying the layers (not to make your skin smoother). 

How to fight pimples and get rid of blackheads?

Choose an anti-acne treatment that you will spend on the entire area concerned; Nevertheless, its effectiveness will be limited, 
] if you feel overwhelmed, make a dermato’s appointment for a little more care and he will prescribe if necessary a better treatment for acne causes. 
Are you suffer from a pimple during your period? for example, there are some very effective remedies: a dab of clay which is applied on the pimple at bedtime, and essential oil of tea tree that is also applied in the evening. 
 If you have nothing on hand, a dab of toothpaste (antibacterial) will do the trick and even hydroalcoholic gel or hair gel that will tend to dry a pimple. 
D system that could sometimes save your life when a meeting is looming and you have a badly placed pimple; If these small inconveniences happen regularly,  you can also use a small correction pen with drying agents and antibacterials (available in pharmacies). 
Blackheads are nothing but clogged pores,  all women have blackheads and it is possible to significantly reduce them. 
A care with fruit acids in the evening, a green clay mask twice a week, or activated charcoal; these are the best skincare products.
The dermatologist may also peel the skin or cleanse it with fruit acids. 


There is no beautiful and healthy skin without a healthy lifestyle, the skin is an open book; 
The detox advertised by the magazines have a real good action on the skin of the face that it makes it look fresher. 
There’s no secret based on that: diet and health in general are reflected directly on the face. Eat better, drink less alcohol, exercise regularly and avoid stress. 
From the age of 35, alcohol consumption is seen on the face, so it’s better to keep a limited consumption of alcohol on the weekends or on some occasions.
 We can do the test over two or three weeks to see what happens;  As for the cigarette, it is surely better to abandon it, or at least reduce its consumption. The results appear after one month, which is the renewal of the epidermis! 


For a combination skin:
  • A suitable foaming gel (look for products that are accompaniment to acne treatments).
  • Make-up remover for eyes and lips (micellar lotion or milk make-up remover).
  • A light cream with fruit acids or active ingredients for skin with imperfections. This treatment is applied every evening or every other evening when the skin is too irritating.
  • A mattifying fluid cream for the morning.
A word to comfort women who're in their thirties: most anti-blemish creams contain fruit acids, which are also a very effective anti-wrinkle; Same thing for vitamin A acid which is (anti-wrinkle rolls)! 


  • Oils that are frequently used and often misused.
  • Abrasive actions at home: cleaning brushes, horsehair gloves, scrub.
These actions are not banned, but better to use it sparingly, no more than once a week, otherwise there is a risk of aggravating the problems. 

Winter and summer! should care for combination skin be adapted for each?

The skin becomes normal in winter while it becomes greasy in summer. In winter, we reduce the frequency of anti-imperfection care; 
 To moisturize the skin morning and night, we chose a product in the top category in terms of texture.
 If you have an emulsion, switch to light cream and if you have a light cream take the same balm.
In summer, we do the opposite, we go back to more fluid care textures and put the anti imperfections care of the evening. 
Sun: Are some products better suited than others? Yes, we must take very fluid textures stamped non-comedogenic for oily skin. 

Expert advice

  • When should I make an appointment with a dermatologist?
When we can’t go out anymore because of skin problems, we have to make an appointment, dermatologists are not only there to treat skin cancer. 
Choose a dermatologist who knows the cosmetics which is suitable for your skin.

  • Is institute care recommended when you have combination skin?
Unless you want a relaxing time, in this case, avoid the face, indulge yourself in another area of the body!