How To Hydrate Dry Skin in Winter – The Best 12 Tips

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Hydrate Dry Skin in Winter – The Best 12 Quick Tips   Looking for tips to take care of your skin during the winter? Our tips for pampering your skin during this season that puts your skin to the test!   Winter is coming and with it the joys of snow and family moments. but […]

51 Best Moisturizers for Winter: The Complete Guide

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We all have a specific type of skin which we can’t easily determine. For our skins go through a change over time depending on the age, hormones and also on some external elements such as climate, temperature, heat, pollution, and lifestyle. If we want to choose the best face moisturizer for winter with very specific […]

20 Best Anti Aging Moisturizers for Dry Skin

20 Best Anti Aging Moisturizer for Dry Skin Lujain Beauty Banner Blog

Dry skin, unlike normal skin, it loses its suppleness and softness and can also become dull and rough and will tend to tug and blush. To fight against these inconveniences, you must daily hydrate your dry skin. LUJAIN BEAUTY helps you to adopt daily help to reduce the disadvantages of dry skin types and Choose […]

20 Glowing Skin Makeup Products For Best Glowiest Look Ever

Glowing Skin Makeup Products For Best Glowiest Look Ever Lujain Beauty

20 Glowing Skin Makeup Products For Best Glowiest Look Ever There is no doubt that the radiant make-up has its own time and features that reflect the lights of your skin, giving your face a dewy appearance. From highlighted cheekbones to full-on “glass skin”, but not always easy to achieve an ideal balance between a […]

20 Best Pore Minimizer Product Reviews

20 Best Pore Minimizer Products Lujain Beauty

20 Best Pore Minimizer Product Reviews Certainly, all of us have a daily routine of skin care, especially facial care. This could be through the major things that involved in a person’s healthcare, like washing the face with warm water every morning, moisturizing the face and the body skin every night, masking or scrubbing twice […]

White Clay Mask Benefits for Dry and Sensitive Skin

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White clay mask or kaolin is known for its softness, it’s particularly suitable for dry and sensitive skin, It is also used on dry hair.  Let’s discover all White Clay Mask Benefits and 3 awesome Homemade Recipes. See How To Treat Your Dry Skin. Content What is white clay? Benefits of white clay for the skin […]

The Best Sensitive Skin Anti Aging Products

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Sensitive Skin is a skin that reaction differs from other skin types when you apply skin care products, whether it is peeling, cleaning, moisturizing cream, makeup, or even sunscreen. Allergy is manifested by irritation of the skin, itching of the eyes, or a feeling of warmth in the face when you apply certain products. It […]

Shea Butter Benefits & Secrets To Nourish And Protect Your Skin & Hair

Shea Butter for hair and skin Secrets Lujain Beauty Banner

Shea butter benefits do not end! especially in the natural beauty world. Shea butter is one of the main ingredients used in natural beauty products for moisturizing, protective, regenerating, it is used daily for the beauty and vitality of the skin and hair. Content What is shea butter? Shea butter benefits for your hair Benefits of […]

Hyaluronic Acid Injection The Top 10 Things You Need To Know

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Hyaluronic Acid Injection (HA) is the favorite substance of practitioners. As you age, your skin becomes dehydrated and lacks hydration, becomes thinner. It renews itself less well and relaxes. So small wrinkles begin to appear, followed by much-feared wrinkles. Hyaluronic Acid Injections renowned without major risks, the HA is interesting to fill the nasolabial folds (around […]

Combination Skin Care: The Complete Guide (2019)

Combination Skin Care Lujain Beauty 2018

COMBINATION SKIN CARE Combination skin usually causes a great discomfort with an unstable balance which requires a special attention and specific care. What are the factors that tend to aggravate the combination skin to oily skin? How to treat the recurrent problems of combination skin? How to recognize combination skin? When you have combination skin, […]

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