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Sensitive Skin is a skin that reaction differs from other skin types when you apply skin care products, whether it is peeling, cleaning, moisturizing cream, makeup, or even sunscreen.
Allergy is manifested by irritation of the skin, itching of the eyes, or a feeling of warmth in the face when you apply certain products.
It may be associated with generalized allergic reactions, which appear as a rash in some parts of the body, including the face.

As a result, If you have sensitive skin and you are often confused when choosing a cream or cleanser that you expect it effectively relieves your skin irritated – or at least it moisturizes daily without the assault and is it rich or light texture? With or without perfume? A base of essential oils or the most neutral possible? Here are some ways to help sensitive skin choose their anti-aging and day cream. Let’s discover Best Sensitive Skin Anti Aging Products.


  1. For Sensitive Skin / Reactive / Intolerant / Allergic: What should I Choose ?
  2. Which Textures and Formulas to Favor?
  3. Pharmacy or Large Distribution?
  4. What About Organic Products?
  5. Pai SkinCare Products for Sensitive Skin


For Sensitive Skin / Reactive / Intolerant / Allergic: What should I Choose ?

Sensitive, reactive and intolerant are equivalent terms. However, it is very different from the allergic skin.

Sensitive skin is defined as the occurrence of abnormal skin sensations ( tingling, burning, itching, pain, tightness, etc …) and/or redness in response to factors that are not pathogenic in themselves (water, cosmetics, wind, cold, hot, air conditioning, stress, etc …) “.

You can, therefore, choose any high-tolerance cream for sensitive, reactive, hyper-reactive and intolerant skin, as long as your skin intolerance problem is not within the competence of the skin. or urticaria, for example, require a dermatological response).

Which Textures and Formulas to Favor?

It is often thought – wrongly – that sensitive skin will tolerate rich textures such as shea butter rather than light and light textures, or formulas based on soothing essential oils and other indications “enriched with chamomile extracts. pure “. However, according to Laurent Misery, ” it is not a problem of texture, but it is better to avoid products that contain irritants, surfactants or preservatives “.

Ditto for scented products that it is better to avoid, just like essential oils, silicones, urea or else the active ingredients generally contained in products fighting against skin aging (fruit acids, vitamin A, retinol) which can provoke irritation.

To summarize, simply remember that the least “risky” product remains the one that includes the least ingredients. But in a state of crisis, anti-redness formulas are preferable because they soothe the sensation of heat. Remember to favor day creams with a sun protection factor.

Finally, cutaneous hypersensitivity is not the prerogative of dry skin, know that there are formulas for acne or combination skin AND sensitive for example.

Pharmacy or Large Distribution?

There is a widespread misconception about the alleged poor quality of hypermarket care products compared to the more expensive ones sold in pharmacies or perfumes. However, according to Laurent Misery, ” if the products sold in pharmacies are generally better evaluated for their tolerance, we also find very good products in supermarkets “. Once you have found the right one, be faithful to it. Your skin will thank you.

What About Organic Products?

To buy Best Sensitive Skin Anti Aging Products, many consumers are convinced that “organic” necessarily means “hypoallergenic”, which is of course false. An intolerant skin can thus react very unfavorably to the application of a cream stamped “Ecocert” or “BIO”. What Laurent Misery effectively summarizes as follows: “organic products are not interesting for health but for the preservation of the environment “.

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