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For strong and long hair like Rapunzel Collagen Forte ™ supports nourishing hair cells with your skin cells.

Effects on the skin

  • Regenerates sagging tissue

  • Reduces wrinkles

  • Increases collagen level

  • Decreases crow's feet

  • Eliminates forehead lines

  • It reduces cellulite and stretch marks


    Effects on Hair

    • Hair grows faster

    • Prevents spillage

    • Increases the volume up to 3 times

    • Repairs damaged hair strands

      Collagen ForteTM, which provides a balanced component of Vitamin C, Selenium and Zinc with Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen, helps nourish hair follicles and also supports more intense hair growth.
      It also contributes to rapid hair growth. Plus, it helps revitalize damaged hair as well as reduce its fall.

      Best Treatment with Type 1 and Type 3 Collagen with Collagen Forte ™ that grows fast and regenerates the connective tissue Collagen, which causes sagging and wrinkles in the skin tissue, allows the collagen to grow again and the connective tissue to strengthen more because of the actives in the collagen Forte ™.


      The main task of Type 1 and Type 3 collagen, which constitutes 80% of the body's connective tissue, is to maintain skin elasticity. For this reason, collagen deficiency is the cause of wrinkles on the forehead, around the eyes and on the lips, sagging on the cheeks, chin and neck sagging in other parts of the body.



      Thanks to the lost connective tissue regained over time, the connective tissue tightens thoroughly and this gives the skin a taut posture and an appearance without sagging. Collagen Forte ™ also tightens the connective tissue by increasing your collagen value, which has been lost over the years, to the correct level (20s level) over time. But Connective Tissue, Click For Bandrol Discountarrow_forwardCollagen Forte ™ With Connective Tissue Skin Regeneration The content of Collagen Forte ™ is not only to renew the connective tissue.

      It also renews the skin of the skin very quickly, allowing it to be attached to the new connective tissue more tightly. With the support of vitamin C, zinc and selenium, the skin, which is rapidly renewed, is tied more tightly to the newly established collagen bond. Thanks to the capsule form, it is tasteless and odorless.

      Different collagen solutions provide stomach irritation due to their drinkable forms and do not absorb correctly in the intestines. Collagen Forte ™ does not make you feel nauseous thanks to its tasteless and odorless capsule form and provides comfort in continuous use. In this way, it allows comfortable use with a sip of water 3 times a day or more.

      Can I Return to My Youth with Collagen Forte ™? With age, the muscular and skeletal structure also changes. Accordingly, Collagen Forte ™ provides you with the most tense and tight skin in accordance with your existing skeleton and muscle structure.

      For this reason, the confused glances around you increase and you do not show your age.

      Does It Eliminate Sagging? Yes. Since both collagen connective tissue and skin cells are renewed very quickly in regular use, it has been proven by clinical tests that it renews the existing sagging.

      The special composition of Collagen Forte ™ prevents sagging as well as renews the existing sagging skin.


      How to Eliminate Wrinkles?

      Dead skin renewal rate decreases over the years. The "balanced" composition of Collagen Type 1, Type 3, Vitamin C, Zinc and Selenium in Collagen Forte ™ increases the regeneration rate of dead skin to incredibly high levels and supports the new skin to be more vibrant, tighter and smoother.

      Collagen Forte ™ Supplements

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