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Sinoz Pumpkin Fiber | Body - Lujain Beauty

Sinoz Pumpkin Fiber | Body

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Sinoz Pumpkin Fiber | Body; purifies, refreshes, helps to reduce cellulite

Sinoz Natural Pumpkin Fiber (Body)

A natural product from the spa products of the Sinoz bath series that will care for your body. It purifies, renews, helps to reduce cellulite. With its natural and effective structure, pumpkin fiber becomes a part of your care routine. Loofah or pumpkin fiber has been a part of cleaning and care for centuries. Being natural, it does not contain any chemicals and has no allergenic effect. You can easily use environmentally friendly pumpkin fiber on your body. With the natural structure of pumpkin fiber, you will stop using different alternatives.

What are the benefits of loofah or pumpkin fiber?

Your pumpkin fiber is a natural pumpkin plant that grows in central America, North Africa and Southeast Asia, and has been a massage and conditioning product since ancient times. Pumpkin fiber is naturally processed without any chemical additives. It is used as an environmentally friendly and special product for the skin. When used regularly, it cleans the excess sebum in the body, supports the emergence of hair growth, helps purification of blackheads and sebaceous glands, prevents cellulite formation. Provides effective care in preventing cellulite formation. Your pumpkin fiber is a herbal Exfoliating product that keeps the skin smooth and soft and activates blood circulation.

How to Use Pumpkin Fiber?


Apply your shower gel or soap product to wash your body, preferably by foaming on the surface of your softened fiber after hot water. Thanks to the special fabric and rubber on the back, it can be easily gripped. When it comes into contact with water, it softens quickly and does not irritate even sensitive skin with its stretching feature. It can be used comfortably for body cleaning. Redness on the surface where it is used is a symptom of the acceleration of blood circulation, it is normal. It should be applied by gentle massage without excessive pressure. After the application, the product should be rinsed with plenty of water and dried in order not to remain moist and rot.