Terracotta Blush - 142

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Terracotta Blush - 142

Terracotta Blush - 142 Blush

, which is an indispensable part of perfect skin make-up, adds a lively and natural look to the face when used correctly. You can add a magnificent texture to your skin by choosing the most suitable blush produced in liquid, powder, stick form.

Terracotta blushes have started to attract a lot of attention in recent years. This blush variety, which is used for prominent cheekbones, shading, and an accentuated expression, is also preferred as a bronzer. Terraccotta Blush - 142, which acts as a great savior in removing color differences especially in the face and décolleté area, is one of the helpers you would want to have in your make-up bag.

Terracotta Blush series has 4 different colors in gold, bronze and copper tones. These blushes, which are compatible with every skin color, also create a mother-of-pearl texture on the skin.

Terracotta Blush - 142, which gives a flawless appearance to the skin, saves you the trouble of renewing make-up with its permanent structure throughout the day. It does not weigh on the face, easily integrates with the skin, does not spread around. It does not cause dusting while applying, and it does not scatter around. So you can use the product for a longer time. It provides ease of application while applying make-up. You can add a natural color to your cheeks by applying it to the level of your cheekbones after lightly applying the brush to the blush.

Its use as a blush or bronzer depends on the application technique. You can achieve a bronze look and resize your face by gently applying Terracotta Blusher blush to the cheekbones, the contour of the forehead and chin. You can get a bronze and healthy look thanks to Terracotta Blush -142, which eliminates the need to use extra bronzer.