At Lujain Beauty, all of our health products are supplied from  Pharmaceutical Warehouse.

All our products are registered and approved in the Product Traceability System of the Ministry of Health by barcode number. 

🏥 What is a  Pharmaceutical Warehouse?

A pharmaceutical warehouse is an area where medicines produced are grouped together by pharmacists. It is also known as the Pharmaceutical Warehouse.

Medicines in this area are either produced by the company or medicines from other companies are stocked. Pharmaceutical warehouses are located in many provinces of Türkiye.

Pharmaceutical Warehouse provide products to the pharmacy immediately when they are needed. In addition, these places that send medicines to health institutions continue to develop in this field. There are many products such as pills, juices, vaccines, medical devices, OTC products, diagnostic products, and diet products in Pharmaceutical Warehouse.

🏥 Services provided by the pharmaceutical warehouse

While these companies export local products to the world, they also provide pharmaceutical supplements to local enterprises. Pharmacists, who have an important role in testing newly produced drugs, have taken various steps in this regard. Pharmacists may also promote medicines from time to time in health institutions.

🏥 Advantages of the pharmaceutical warehouse

Pharmaceutical warehouses offer many advantages. One of these advantages is its presence in many places. Distributing Pharmaceutical Warehouse over several areas enables medicines to reach the organization more quickly. For example, when a medicine is needed in a pharmacy, the medicine reaches its target in a short time thanks to these institutions. The pharmaceutical warehouse also provides financial income through its exports. This plays a role in the economic development of the country.