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Organic Acai Powder (50g) | Naturiga

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Organic Acai Powder (50g) | Naturiga

Meet Açai, the dark purple fruit of the Amazon forests, famous for its high antioxidant value!

Quality and production

Açai fruit grows naturally in the Brazilian Amazon forests and is hand-picked when ripe. It is the biggest source of livelihood of the people in that region. Since it is a very delicate and delicate fruit, it starts to lose its nutritional value within 24 hours after being picked from its branch.

Therefore, as soon as the Açai grapes are picked, the cold drying process begins. Açai is carefully washed before being put into the cold drying process. It is then cooled down to -40 degrees and heated gradually without adding any additives or preservatives, and the water in it is evaporated. It is then ground and packaged.

Approximately 20kg of açai fruit is used to produce 1kg of açai powder.

When income started to be obtained from açai fruit in the region, the trees that were cut down to create agricultural land were terminated. Therefore, every açai consumed indirectly prevents the cutting of trees in the regions where it grows.

 Why should I use Organic Acai Powder (50g) | Naturiga?

It is one of the top foods in the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) list that determines the antioxidant level in the world.

There is an important point to consider when buying açai powder.

A pure açai powder is dark purple like the color of the fruit itself !

If the powder is pink, pink/brown, or a mixture of both, you may be getting either some additives added during the production phase, a highly oxidized product, or unfortunately both.

Since there is no single type of antioxidant, we need to diversify the intake of antioxidant-containing foods. Therefore, we can contribute to this diversification by adding freeze dry açai powder to our daily diet. Açai is also naturally high in fiber and omega fatty acids.

Origin: Brazil (Amazon Forests)

How do I use Organic Acai Powder (50g) | Naturiga?

Up to 1 teaspoon of açai powder can easily be included in the daily diet.
Freshly squeezed fruit can be added to juices, smoothies, raw or preferably undercooked snacks (bars and energy balls) can be prepared, consumed by adding to yogurt and milk/vegetable milk, homemade ice cream, puddings and chocolates can be prepared.