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Sinoz Blue Anemone Flower Cream

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Sinoz Blue Anemone Flower Cream

Blue Anemone Cream; With its formula developed against fine lines and sagging, it acts as an anti-aging and helps you challenge time. 50 ml

Sinoz Blue Anemone Flower Cream

Sinoz Blue Anemone Flower Cream is an indispensable assistant of the anti-aging care it targets with its blue anemone flower, apricot seed oil and jojoba oil composition.

Sinoz Blue Anemone Flower Cream provides intensified moisture support for up to 72 hours with its active ingredients. It has a formula that supports the regeneration of the skin and anti-aging with the extracts of blue anemone flower and apricot kernel oil. With the Jojoba oil it contains, it helps the skin to be purified from external factors, gain its elastane structure and eliminate the signs of aging.

Sinoz Blue Anemone Flower Cream, which acts as a barrier that reverses time with its active ingredients, is the basic product of your skin care.

Meet the timeless assistant of your timeless skin!

How to use?

Apply a sufficient amount of cream preferably once a day, by massaging a thin layer on clean skin before going to bed at night. Do not contact the applied area with water. Before use, test it on the inside of your wrist, do not use it in case of any allergic condition. It may show different results for each skin type. It is for general use.

Dermatologically tested.