Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3 - Lujain Beauty
Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3 - Lujain Beauty
Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3 - Lujain Beauty
Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3 - Lujain Beauty
Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3 - Lujain Beauty
Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3 - Lujain Beauty
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Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3

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Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablet X3

  • Hair, Nail And Skin Supplement
  • Biotin Supported
  • Multivitamin Containing
  • Containing Cysteine


Contents of Naturalnest Immy Sambucus 30 Capsules

Active Ingredient 1 Tablet *BRD
B1 Vitamins  8.0 mg %727
B2 Vitamini 4.0 mg  %286
Vitamin B5  40.0 mg %667
Biotin  45 mcg %90
D Vitamins 5.0 mcg %100
It's Vitamins 500 mcg %250
Zinc 15.0 mg %150
Iodine 150 mcg %100
Manganese 0.5 mg %25
Selenium 100 mcg %182
The neatest 10 mg **
Active Ingredient 1 Tablet *BRD
B12 Vitamini 9 mcg %360
B3 Vitamins 18.0 mg %112
B6 Vitamins  10.0 mg %714
Vitamin C 60 mg %75
It's Vitamins 40.0 mg %333
Copper 1.0 mg %100
Iron 12 mg %86
Besides 50 mcg %125
Magnesium 75 mg %20
Grape Seed Extract  15 mg **
Beta Karoten 2 mg **

*BRD: Nutritional Reference Value
** No Nutritional Reference Value


What is Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablets Vitamin Supplement?


Vitabiotics Perfectil vitamin supplement containing 22 different micronutrients including biotin, zinc and selenium ; It is used for hair, skin and nails. Vitabiotics Perfectil hair skin nail care 30 tablets , which normal skin can easily choose , is one of the supporting product types used in addition to daily nutrition. You can also get help from this supplement in addition to your treatment when your doctor deems it appropriate. You can check our page for more details about the product.



How to Use Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 Tablets?


Vitabiotics Perfectil 30 tablets are suitable for users 11 years and older. This supplementary food, which should be taken on a full stomach, is not used alone to prevent and treat diseases. When a balanced diet and Vitabiotics Perfectil hair, skin and nail care come together, it can show the desired effects. You can also use this supplement as 1 tablet a day after meals on a full stomach.


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Vitabiotics Perfectil Vitamin Supplement Ingredients

There are three main areas that Vitabiotics Perfectil aims to influence. For normal skin types, the product contains biotin, niacin, riboflavin and zinc. Biotin, selenium and zinc are also used to protect normal hair. For nails, which are easily weakened and damaged parts of the body, selenium and zinc components, which are known for their many different benefits, are included in this vitamin supplement . In addition to these, there is vitamin C in Vitabiotics Perfectil to support the formation of collagen in your skin. If you prefer products that do not contain preservatives, Vitabiotics Perfectil is quite suitable for you. In addition to preservatives, this product does not contain salt, yeast, gluten and lactose. You can browse this product, which is not tested on animals, on our page.You can check the prices of Vitabiotics Perfectil .

Did you know that?

In accordance with the Turkish Food Codex Regulation on Nutrition and Health Declarations published in the Official Gazette dated 26.01.2017 and numbered 29960, a balanced and varied diet is important for a healthy life.