Argivit Focus Gummy Food Supplement Chewable Form 30 Pieces

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Argivit Focus Gummy Food Supplement Chewable Form 30 Pieces

Chewable Form Food Supplement Containing L-Arginine and Multivitamin

Boost your focus and mental clarity with Argivit Focus Gummy Food Supplement Chewable. These tasty gummies contain powerful nutrients that support brain health and enhance cognitive function. Experience sharper focus and improved productivity with just 30 pieces. Convenient and effective for busy professionals and students alike.

Active ingredient

Amount mg ​​/1 Chewable Form



25 mg


Vitamin C

12,5 mg



10 mg



2,5 mg


Vitamin B3

5 mg NO


Vitamin B5

2 mg


Vitamin E

1.8 mg α-TE


Vitamin B1

0,5 mg


Vitamin B2

0,45 mg


Vitamin B6

0,25 mg


Vitamin D3

2,5 μg


Vitamin B12

0,75 μg



Frequently Asked Questions about Argivit Focus Gummy

  1. Q: How does L-Arginine in Argivit Focus Gummy contribute to cognitive function?
    A: L-Arginine, a key amino acid in Argivit Focus Gummy, enhances cognitive function by promoting improved blood flow to the brain. This, in turn, supports better concentration, mental clarity, and overall cognitive performance.

  2. Q: Can Argivit Focus Gummy be consumed by both children and adults?
    A: Yes, Argivit Focus Gummy is suitable for both children and adults. The recommended dosage varies based on age, providing an effective cognitive and immune support solution for a wide range of individuals.

  3. Q: How does Phosphatidylserine contribute to memory support in this product?
    A: Phosphatidylserine, a vital component of Argivit Focus Gummy, plays a crucial role in neurological development and memory enhancement. Academic research suggests that it positively influences brain cell structure, contributing to improved memory and learning abilities.

  4. Q: What makes the taste of Argivit Focus Gummy stand out?
    A: The delicious orange flavor of Argivit Focus Gummy sets it apart from other supplements. We've carefully crafted each chewable form to not only deliver health benefits but also to provide a delightful taste experience, making it a joy to incorporate into your daily routine.

  5. Q: How does Zinc support both the immune system and cognitive function?
    A: Zinc in Argivit Focus Gummy acts as a multifaceted mineral, supporting immune system function by aiding in the production of immune cells. Additionally, research suggests Zinc's involvement in synaptic plasticity and memory formation, contributing to cognitive wellness.

  6. Q: Are there any age restrictions for consuming Argivit Focus Gummy?
    A: Argivit Focus Gummy is suitable for children aged 4 and above, as well as adults. The recommended dosage adjusts based on age, ensuring that individuals of various life stages can benefit from its cognitive and immune support properties.


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