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Balparmak Highland and Plain Flower Honey 850 g

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Balparmak Highland and Plain Flower Honey 850 g

Balparmak Highland and Plain Flower Honey

  • Balparmak Highland and Plain Flower Honey (850 Gr.)

    Plateaus and plains, which contain thousands of plants with different aromas, are among the most productive production areas for beekeeping. The bees, which come to the plateaus and plains at certain times each year, enrich the essences of hundreds of different plants with their own enzymes. As a result, soft aromatic highland and plain flower honeys are produced, giving a feeling of spring freshness!

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    Highland Flower Honey

    Highland and Plain Flower Honey and What Are Its Properties?

    Highland and plain honey is a special selection of flower honeys compiled by Balparmak from highland and lowland areas at an average altitude of 500 meters. The flowers that grow in the highlands and plains of Anatolia, which have a rich plant diversity, give honey a soft aroma and intense consistency.

    Highland and plain flower honey contains carbohydrates, proteins, vitamins, minerals and enzymes like other natural honey varieties. In this way, it not only offers a pleasant consumption; It also contributes to the safe supply of nutrients and energy items that the body needs. 100 grams of highland and plain honey is worth 304 calories (kcal).


    How to Use Highland and Plain Honey?

    Every morning when you start the day

    Every morning when you start the day

    At breakfasts and snacks

    At breakfasts and snacks

    In all homemade recipes

    In all homemade recipes

    In tea and all beverages

    In tea and all beverages

    In Personal Care

    in personal

    You can choose highland and plain honey to sweeten your food and drinks. You can also consume the product alone to feel the soft aroma of this honey intensely. Although you take care to stay away from refined sugar, do you sometimes have trouble controlling your sweet cravings? Then you should definitely check out the honey pudding recipe! You can consume this dessert, which stands out with its lightness, with peace of mind by sweetening it with a teaspoon of Balparmak Plateau and Ova Flower Honey!

    Click for detailed recipe !

    The Journey of Natural Honey in 3 Steps

    From the Green Plateaus

    From the Virgin Highlands and

    Worker bees collect the nectar of plants that grow untouched in the highlands and plains during the spring and summer months for honey production.

    Only Natural Honey


    The honey produced by the worker bees is collected during the summer season, when the flowering period of the plants ends, and is filtered.

    Quality and Consistency

    Quality and Consistency in Every Drop

    Honey samples collected from the best sources are delivered to the facilities and analyzed. Only honeys with natural, high quality and reliable ingredients are selected and carefully packaged.

    Track Your Honey with Priospot Technology!

    “The source of natural honey is only nature. It is not possible to tell whether honey is cheating by looking at its smell, taste or appearance.

    The authenticity of your honey is guaranteed by at least 100 naturalness tests!

    You can easily access the analysis results of the Balparmak Plateau and Plain Flower Honey (850 gr.) that you consume online. All you have to do for this is to read the QR code on the package with your phone or to read the ID number.

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    Natural Honey