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Balparmak Linden Honey 460 g

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Balparmak Linden Honey 460 g

Linden Honey

  • Balparmak Natural Linden Honey

    Summer in Anatolia comes with the scent of linden. But what if there was a much sweeter way to sense the unique aroma of linden? The linden plant, which is one of the sweetest gifts of nature with both its smell and taste, attracts bees as well as humans with its aromatic components. Thus, “linden honey”, a very valuable monoflora honey type, emerges. Balparmak, on the other hand, meticulously brings together the quality and delicious linden honeys of Anatolia for you.

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    Balparmak Natural Linden Honey

    What Are Linden Honey and Its Properties?

    Linden honey is one of the monoflora honey varieties, which means "single flower honey". It is formed mainly by bees collecting the nectar of linden flowers. This type of honey, which has an amber-colored appearance, has a fresh taste in which the smell of linden is intensely felt. With a medium sweetness level, it leaves a light feeling on the palate.

    Linden honey, like other types of honey, contains components such as carbohydrates, protein, fiber, vitamins, minerals, phenolic compounds and enzymes. In this way, it not only provides a delicious consumption; It also helps to meet the daily nutritional needs of the body in reliable ways. The energy value of linden honey is about 304 calories per 100 grams.


    How to Use Linden Honey?

    Every morning when you start the day

    Every morning when you start the day

    At breakfasts and snacks

    At breakfasts and snacks

    In all homemade recipes

    In all homemade recipes

    In tea and all beverages

    In tea and all beverages

    in personal care

    in personal

    If you wish to feel the intense aroma of the product, linden honey alone; If you wish, you can consume it by adding it to your food and drinks.

    The Journey of Natural Honey in 3 Steps

    Fragrant Linden

    From Fragrant Linden

    Honey bees produce linden honey only in June and July, the plant's flowering period.

    Just Natural


    Natural honey produced by bees mainly from the nectar of linden flowers is milked in the same period and delivered to the facilities.

    Quality and Consistency in Every Drop

    Quality and Consistency in Every Drop

    Honey samples from various regions are analyzed. Only linden honeys with natural, high quality and reliable ingredients are selected and carefully packaged.

    Track Your Honey with Priospot Technology!

    “The source of natural honey is only nature. It is not possible to tell whether honey is cheating by looking at its smell, taste or appearance.

    All bee products arriving at Balparmak facilities are analyzed in Balparmak Analysis Laboratories with at least 100 parameters. Balparmak, which is in favor of transparency in this regard, publishes analysis reports of all its products through the Priospot system, which it has put into operation as a first in the world food industry.

    By scanning the QR code on Balparmak product packages or by reading the ID number. You can easily access the analysis results of your honey by entering and entering!

    Natural Honey