Bioxcin Quantum Bio-Activ Anti Hair Loss Package

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Bioxcin Quantum Bio-Activ Anti Hair Loss Package

Bioxcin Quantum Serum is produced using more concentrated concentrations of active ingredients than shampoo.

It provides targeted repair with its Bio-Activ Peptides and makes hair look thicker and fuller from the first use.


Helps prevent hair loss by nourishing hair follicles with BiocomplexB11.

* It is the instrumental analysis test result of the additives in the formulation on the hair bundles. (The results of the basis test conducted by Unipharma Cosmetic Research & Development on 29.10.2015).


How to Use It is 

  • Applied to damp hair after washing the hair.
  • It is applied to the area where the loss is intense, then to all hair and scalp by massaging in circular movements for about a minute, not rinsed.
  • 15 ampoules are for 1 month usage.
  • 1 ampoule is recommended every 2 days.
  • Each ampoule is used only once and it is recommended to be used in the evening.
  • It is recommended to use with Bioxcin Quantum Shampoo for a more effective result.