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Clinically- Ultra Effective Anti-Cellulite CryoGel

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Clinically- Ultra Effective Anti-Cellulite CryoGel

Ultra Effective Anticellulite CryoGel:

-Eveline Slimming series, the effect of which has been proven in clinical environment.


The mild cooling effect gel, designed on the basis of the Microsomal PRO Clinic System advanced technology, is absorbed into the lower layers of the skin using the mechanism of microtransmitters and effectively reduces the visibility of cellulite.


  • It smoothes out perfectly
  • Levels the skin's surface
  • It tightens
  • Eliminates the feeling of swelling thanks to its cooling effect
  • Shapes even the most critical areas
  • Reduces adipose tissue under the skin


Smart and Active Content:


Microsomal PRO Clinic System: Thanks to its powerful and versatile effect even in the deepest layers of the epidermis, it affects even multi-level cellulite.


SN2-AKE: It intensely tightens the body and increases its elasticity, similar to the firming effect of the betaine and ultra-repairing neuropeptide viper venom in its content.


Caffeine: Stimulates the lipolysis process, slimming and reducing the visibility of cellulite.


Fat Freezer Power Block Complex: It has been developed by taking inspiration from the cold-lipolysis treatment, which is one of the most popular procedures of medical aesthetic clinics recently. Thanks to the freezing molecules, blood flow accelerates and cellulite is greatly reduced.


Usage: Apply to the desired area by massaging in circular motions. Use regularly for 6 consecutive weeks for best results. Do not use during pregnancy or breastfeeding.


dermatologically tested