EVELINE Intimate Area Whitening Washing Gel - 4D White Prestige

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EVELINE Intimate Area Whitening Washing Gel - 4D White Prestige

WHITE PRESTIJ 4D series is inspired by professional regional whitening laser therapy. It serves four purposes: it brightens the skin tone, equalizes the difference between tones, prevents excessive pigmentation, nourishes the skin.



FRACTO ILLUMI LASER: The latest technology Lumiwhite Complex, with intense power similar to laser beam, that penetrates and whitens the lower layers of the epidermis, splits the melanin accumulated in the fading areas into molecules. These molecules are self-absorbed and pallor is reduced. Thanks to this advanced technology, the complexion becomes lighter and the formation of pigmentation areas is prevented.



IMPROVED INGREDIENTS: The whitening gel with lactic acid and Chamomile Extract gently cleanses, moisturizes and strengthens the natural barrier of protection by keeping it at the required pH. Provides long-lasting freshness by preventing irritation.


Usage: Apply a little to the intim area, wait a little and wash.