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Eyebrow Gel - Eyebrow Shaping Wax - Luis Bien 

  • ✓Dermatologically Tested. 
  • ✓Allows you to have impressive eyebrows and looks.
  • ✓Creates a Natural and Shaped Eyebrow Look All Day Long By Easily Shaping Your Eyebrows.
  • ✓It contains Castor Oil and Walnut Oil.
  • ✓International Value Adding Brand of the Year award.

Eyebrow Gel - Eyebrow Shaping Wax

Strong and Sharp Looks


  • ✓You can get sharp looks all day long with eyebrow wax.
  • ✓It allows you to shape your eyebrows and maintains its shape throughout the day.
  • ✓It is very easy to use with the eyebrow brush inside.
  • ✓Thanks to its permanent effect throughout the day, there is no need to refresh.
  • ✓It provides a natural finish with its colorless nature.
  • ✓There is 50 ml of product in the box.

What Does Eyebrow Shaping Wax Do?


  • ✓It allows you to easily shape your eyebrows.
  • ✓Stabilizes the eyebrows and provides a flawless eyebrow appearance all day long.
  • ✓It is suitable for use with coloring products such as eyebrow shadow and eyebrow pencil.
  • ✓It nourishes and cares for the eyebrows.

Easy to Use

You can easily shape your eyebrows by combing your eyebrows with a small amount of wax in the eyebrow brush.

Lasting Effect

 Creates the perfect eyebrow appearance by preserving the shape of your eyebrows all day long.


Natural Appearance

 With its colorless eyebrow shaping wax, it gives your eyebrows a natural and flawless appearance.


Use of Eyebrow Gel

  • ✓Apply to clean skin before applying foundation and concealer.
  • ✓Take a very small amount of wax on the eyebrow brush. Take care to get a small amount of product on the brush.
  • ✓Adjust its bendable brush and shape your eyebrows with the help of a brush.
  • ✓Then you can complete your makeup.
  • ✓You can wash the eyebrow brush after use.



Indian Oil

 Creates a bright and vibrant eyebrow appearance by nourishing your eyebrows.


Walnut Oil

 It nourishes and moisturizes your brow roots and skin. Smoothes the skin under the eyebrows.



 It moisturizes the eyebrows and the skin under the eyebrows. It increases the permanence of eyebrow wax by preventing sweating.


Vitamin E

 It nourishes and saturates the eyebrows with vitamins. In this way, it provides strengthening of the eyebrows. It strengthens the eyebrow roots and supports the plumping of the eyebrows.




What is Eyebrow Gel?

After combing your eyebrows, you can get a sharp look with the gel that keeps them constant throughout the day. By using eyebrow soap, you can keep your eyebrows raised and shaped throughout the day and eliminate the tired look on your face.


What Does Eyebrow Gel Do?

Apply eyebrow shaping wax before foundation and eyebrow products. In this way, it will hold your eyebrows more strongly. Comb and shape your eyebrows with eyebrow wax. Let it dry for a few seconds. Then you can complete your make-up and enjoy the natural look of eyebrow wax. With its permanent effect throughout the day, it will not require re-application during the day.


How Effective Is Eyebrow Shaping Wax?

Eyebrow shaping wax stabilizes your eyebrows. In this way, the shape you give to your eyebrows will be permanent for a long time. After fixing your eyebrows, you can increase the permanence of the product by taking care not to contact with your hand or water.


What is Eyebrow Soap? How to Use Eyebrow Stimulating Soap?

You should get a very small amount of eyebrow fixing soap on your eyebrow brush. Then, by applying it to clean eyebrows, you can give your eyebrows the shape you want and keep them fixed throughout the day.


Do Eyebrow Gel and Brow Soap Have the Same Properties?

Eyebrow wax, known as eyebrow gel and eyebrow soap, fixes your eyebrows all day long. With its dense and hard formula, it wraps the eyebrows and provides permanent results all day long.


What is in the Content of Eyebrow Shaping Wax?

Eyebrow shaping soap contains castor oil and walnut oil. It nourishes and strengthens your eyebrows while fixing them all day long. It keeps the skin under the eyebrows moist throughout the day.


How to Use Transparent Eyebrow Gel?

Transparent eyebrow gel is suitable for all eyebrows with its colorless structure. Thanks to its easy use, it provides a fast and practical application. Apply a very small amount of product to its applicator on your eyebrows and enjoy sharp looks all day long.


Does Eyebrow Shaping Wax, Eyebrow Trimmer and Sculpt Feature?

Regularly combing and fixing your eyebrows will regulate the direction of your eyebrows over time. In this way, your eyebrows will start to take shape more easily.


Will Luis Bien Eyebrow Setting Gel Color?

The product is in completely transparent form. It is possible to apply the eyebrow stabilizing gel to any eyebrow. If you wish, you can color your eyebrows with eyebrow shadow or pencil after the application.


What Is The Purpose Of Eyebrow Gel Transparent? What are the advantages?

It creates a natural appearance thanks to its transparent form. Fixes your eyebrows with a natural look. You can use it with any eyebrow color you want by choosing transparent soap.


Is Eyebrow Gel Effective For Eyebrow Care?

It nourishes and strengthens the eyebrows with the natural oils in the eyebrow gel content. Combing and fixing your eyebrows regularly regulates the shape of your eyebrows.


How to Recommend Eyebrow Gel Users? 

Those who use Luis Bien brow gel are satisfied with the brow gel. You can follow Luis Bien on his social media accounts for the comments and before-after photos of those using eyebrow gel.

Eyebrow Gel - Eyebrow Shaping Wax - Luis Bien

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