ISANA Mango Shower Gel 300 ml

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ISANA Mango Shower Gel 300 ml

Isana Mango Shower Gel, with a moisturizing formula that gives energy and gives off a pleasant smell, cares while cleaning your skin at the same time. It allows you to have a smooth and soft skin.  Its foamy components, which purify the skin tissues from toxins, give your body a breathing and bright appearance.

Benefits of ISANA Mango Shower Gel 300 ml

  • The exotic mango extract product allows you to carry the fruity scent that lasts all day after bathing on your skin.
  • With its nourishing and comfortable content, it makes you feel refreshed as if you had a massage.
  • Among the range of shower gels, the product, which is also compatible with the vegan lifestyle, appeals to a wide range of users.
  • Soft care complex protects the moisture balance of the skin.
  • The gel consistency, which makes a difference in personal care, allows you to get rid of problems such as skin tension and dead skin cells.

How to Use ISANA Mango Shower Gel 300 ml

To best experience its dermatologically proven effect, apply with the help of fiber.


Avoid contact of the product with eyes.