ISANA Power Shot Pro Collagen Filler 15 ml

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ISANA Power Shot Pro Collagen Filler 15 ml

• Facial care serums support the care needed by the skin.

• Isana Power Shot Serum Procollagen Filler 15 ml, which stands out among skin care products, helps your skin look beautiful and well-groomed.

• Offering superior German quality, Isana serum's collagen and hyaluron-containing formulation moisturizes the skin and helps you prevent wrinkle formation.

• Anti-wrinkle serum, with its anti-aging feature, supports your skin to achieve a lively appearance.

• Isana serum is ideal for all skin types.

• The serum, which does not contain animal origin, is a vegan product.


How To Use ISANA Power Shot Pro Collagen Filler?

  • Turn the silver head to the left to open it.
  • You can apply 1-2 drops twice a day to your cleaned skin and gently massage it into your skin.
  • Keep the product, which is recommended to avoid contact with the eye area, in a cool and dry environment.