ISANA Styling Gel Ultra Flex 150 ml

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Vendor: ISANA

ISANA Styling Gel Ultra Flex 150 ml

Among the personal care products,  ISANA Styling Gel Ultra Flex 150 ml stands out with its superior German quality and special formula among the jelly & foam & spray options  that help to create your style as well as care .

Benefits of ISANA Styling Gel Ultra Flex 150 ml

  • It helps your hair to gain a natural and voluminous appearance.
  • The strong formula of the product supports the protection of the hair style all day long.
  • You can easily make the touches you want to your style with the innovative product that allows styling without drying the hair.
  • Isana jelly does not cause itching or residue on your hair.
  • The 150 ml size of the product offers a very long service life.
  • Hair gel, approved by dermatological tests, is a vegan product.
  • The effect of Isana ultra hard jelly lasts for 24 hours.

How to Use ISANA Styling Gel Ultra Flex 150 ml

  • In order to give your hair the shape you want; it is enough to apply Isana ultra hard gel to the hair strands.
  • You can apply the product to damp or dry hair.