Kids Fruit Bar - Banana and Cocoa 28 gr x 12 pcs

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Kids Fruit Bar - Banana and Cocoa 28 gr x 12 pcs

Fellas Kids Bar, rich in vitamin D, calcium and iron mineral and nutritious, brought together two of the little ones' favorite tastes; Banana and Cocoa!

100% Natural, No Sugar Added, Healthy Snack for Kids. Gluten Free, Additive Free and Preservative Free. Rich in Vitamin D, Calcium and Iron Minerals.  

Kids Fruit Bar – Banana and Cocoa 28 gr x 12 Banana & Cocoa


We have a 100% natural, sugar-free and healthy snack suggestion for you to meet your children's sweet needs with pleasure: Snack Kids Fruit Bar with Banana and Cocoa! Fellas Kids Fruit bars are specially produced for children and are gluten-free, additive-free and preservative-free. Fellas Kids Bar, which is rich in vitamin D, calcium and iron minerals and attracts attention with its nutritious feature, has brought together the favorite flavors of the little ones and presented them to you. 

Kids Fruit Bar with Banana and Cocoa Features 


Fellas Kids Fruit bar with banana and cocoa offers ideal nutritional values ​​as one of the most delicious and healthy bars that your children can consume. Fellas Kids Fruit bar with cocoa and banana is presented to you with special and valuable ingredients. Product; It is offered to you as 100% natural and without added sugar. However, this product is a healthy and reliable snack for children. 

Fellas Kids Fruit Bar, which is loved by children, draws attention with its low calorie, gluten-free, additive-free and preservative-free nature and provides an alternative for parents who do not want to give their children unhealthy snacks.  

The main principle of Kids Fruit bar with cocoa and banana, which has many benefits due to its abundant fiber content and is always preferred because of its deliciousness, is to be a healthy snack for children. 

Reach Unique Taste for your little ones with Fellas!


The irresistible power of cocoa, which enchants your children with its smell and makes you feel great with its taste, and the magnificent ingredients of Fellas and bananas came together, and a great flavor explosion emerged: Kids Fruit Bar with Banana and Cocoa! 

After you experience this flavor, you won't want another snack for your children!

Kids Fruit Bar with Banana and Cocoa will be the first choice of those who want a healthy, additive-free and preservative-free snack with natural ingredients! The best Kids Fruit bar, Fellas, is consumed with great pleasure due to its low calorie content. 

Kids Fruit Bar - With Banana and Cocoa 28 gr x 12 Pieces of Banana & Cocoa is a delicious product that you can choose for your children. For Fellas Kids Fruit Bar, simply add the product to your cart. After receiving the product, all you have to do is watch your children's happiness!