MAGIC MIX Active Sulfur Nail Oil 50 ml

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MAGIC MIX Active Sulfur Nail Oil 50 ml

  • Magic mix active Sulphur nail-hand-foot care oil has been developed to provide care support for nails, soften hands and feet and help refresh with the menthol it contains .
  • Thanks to its content feature, it  aims to contribute to the strengthening of the nail structure as well as moisturizing the nails .
  • It aims to provide care support against the dryness experienced in your nails, hands, feet and heels, while helping to moisturize, soften your cuticles and give them a well-groomed appearance .


How to Use Magic Mix Active Sulfur Nail Oil?

  • You can apply the amount you need by massaging the relevant area.
  • You can apply it by rubbing it on your cuticle, nail surface, fingers and toes.
  • You can use it for all skin types.