Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides Powder 300 Gr Unflavored

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Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides Powder 300 Gr Unflavored


Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides Powder 300 Gr Unflavored Usage

For adults, you can mix 1 scoop (10 g) with 250 mL of water once a day. If you wish, you can mix it with your hot or cold drinks such as coffee, ayran and fruit juice, and consume it by adding it to your meals such as yogurt, muesli and soup. It does not spoil the taste of the mixed food.


Positive aspects
  • Hydrolyzed Type 1-3 collagen with high bioavailability
  • collagen weight 3000 daltons
  • Production from grass-fed beef
  • Solugel brand patented raw material
  • No artificial sweeteners or flavorings
  • Thanks to its odorless nature, it can be added to many meals.
  • Suitable for ketogenic and Paleo diets

What are Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides?

Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides is an innovative collagen supplement derived from natural sources, easily digestible and highly bioavailable. Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides, consisting of a mixture of Type 1 and Type 3 collagen, has 91% hydrolyzed collagen protein content. It is produced as flavorless and odorless so that you can easily consume it with any food or beverage you want. It does not contain any additional additives or preservatives.

What is Collagen and What Does It Do?

Collagen is a type of protein that makes up almost 1/3 of the human body. Collagen is found in the structure of many tissues such as muscle, tendon, bone, joint and cartilage, especially hair, skin and nails, which are associated with youth and beauty. As of 2011, there are 28 types of collagen identified and defined. Type 1 collagen is mostly found in skin, tendon, bone and tooth structures, while type 3 collagen is found in expandable connective tissues.

Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides contains 91% protein from collagen. In this respect, it is a good protein supplement for those who exercise regularly and those who eat a high protein diet (including Keto and Paleo).

Raw Material Quality of Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides:

Natural collagen protein is obtained by applying enzymatic hydrolysis to the collagen-rich meat of grass-fed cattle. The production of Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides in the form of small collagen protein molecules ensures rapid digestion and offers high bioavailability. Collagen supplement is easily miscible in hot or cold water.
Offered in powder form, Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides is odorless and flavorless. It does not spoil the taste of the food or beverage it is added to. It does not contain any preservatives or additives. This natural protein product owned by Nature's Supreme is a patented raw material belonging to the brand named “Solugel” of PB Gelatins, the most well-established and well-known gelatin producer in Argentina. Halal, HACCP, ISO and Kosher certified.

How to Consume Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides?

Being unflavored and in powder form, Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides allows it to be mixed with many beverages or foods consumed during the day. With its high protein content (91%), you can enrich your meals in terms of protein.
1 scale of collagen powder with hot or cold drinks such as coffee, ayran and fruit juice; If you want, you can easily consume it with meals such as yogurt, smoothie, muesli or soup.

Key Features of Nature's Supreme Collagen Peptides:

- 10 g hydrolyzed Type 1&3 collagen per serving

- Contains 3000 dalton molecular weight collagen, which is rapidly absorbed

- Production from grass-fed beef

- Quickly digestible powder form

- 91% high protein content

- High bioavailability

- 0 sugar

- Does not contain fat and cholesterol

- Flavorless and odorless

- Easily soluble in hot or cold water

- Halal, HACCP, ISO and Kosher certified

- Solugel brand patented Raw material origin: Argentina


What is the Meaning of the Bandrole on the Product?

The quality band on the product indicates that the content declared in the product has been verified by passing the microbiological analysis and tests.

Nature's Supreme tests the quality and accuracy of the content it states in its independent laboratories, which have TÜRKAK Accreditation certificate. These laboratories are among the leading centers for microbiological analysis in Europe. Analyzes take place in these advanced laboratories.

Nature's Supreme brand maintains this practice in all product options and has all necessary analyzes done.