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Redist Keratin Oil 100 ml

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Redist Keratin Oil 100 ml

• It quickly penetrates and structures your hair.
• It makes it look smooth, lively and bright.
• Keratin consists of keratin molecules, which is one of the important proteins that make up the hair and are connected to each other by sulfur bridges.
• Chemical processes and external factors cause damage over time by breaking the sulfur bridges that connect the hair. Keratin loading should be applied to the hair in order to eliminate these damages and to give the hair a stronger structure.
• Keratin helps your hair gain a stronger structure in a short time and gain a shiny appearance.
• By restructuring the damaged keratin layer, it helps to prevent hair breakage and breakage.
• Repairs excessively worn and tired hair.
• Increases hair strength and elasticity.
• It gives volume to your hair.
• Recovers dry and lint-like hair.
• Provides care and repair to your hair.
• Shiny and shiny hair.