Rosemary and Caffeine Extract Conditioner

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Rosemary and Caffeine Extract Conditioner

REVOX Rosemary & Caffeine

Essence BRAND NEW HERBAL FORMULA MAKES YOUR HAIR TO BE EASY TO comb through and prevent it from breaking.

REVOX HAIR CONDITIONER; It is a product that has the feature of softening the hair. In this way, it prevents the hungry wires from breaking.
It helps to nourish the hair with rosemary and caffeine in its content.

REVOX; It helps to moisturize, protect and strengthen hair from root to tip. REVOX; It provides the care that the hair needs and applies a natural care.
It gives flexibility to the hair.


ROSEMARY/ROSEMARY: Strengthens and thickens soft, lifeless hair, and helps prevent hair loss and growth.

CAFFEINE/CAFEINE: It strengthens and revitalizes the hair and helps to prevent their loss.
HORSE TAIL EXTRACT/HORSE TAIL HERB EXTRACT: It provides the necessary care by nourishing the hair and scalp.