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Sinoz Purifying Cream Peeling

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Sinoz Purifying Cream Peeling

With Sinoz Purifying Cream Peeling, your skin is ready to say goodbye to dead skin! Witness the deep purification of your pores and revitalization of your skin. 100 ml


Peeling products are one of the most enjoyable ways to pamper your skin. You can get a much brighter skin when you do facial peeling several times in the weekly care ritual. The relaxation and happiness of taking care of your skin are among the positive effects of peeling!


What does peeling do?

Peeling is a care method that helps to purify your skin from dead skin. It helps to clean your pores and thus make your skin look much more vibrant. Just like Sinoz Purifying Cream Peeling. Peeling for dry skin and peeling for sensitive skin can be a care application that is generally uneasy. However, with the right products and the right application, both dry skin and sensitive skin can benefit from peeling.


Peeling for oily skin and combination skin 

Peeling for oily skin and peeling for combination skin are seen as much more risk-free treatments for these skin types. For these skin types, an exfoliating cream can help remove excess sebum from the skin. Purifying peeling is among the popular care products especially for oily skin prone to acne.

With its outstanding quality in peeling cream products, Sinoz Purifying Cream Peeling helps to combat clogged pores with its micro particles. It has a supportive role in cleansing the pores by reducing the effects of oil and environmental pollution that predispose to the formation of black spots.


Thus, at the end of the peeling application for the face, you can observe that you reach a skin appearance that is free from dead skin and dirt. Exfoliating especially for scabs on the face can help you achieve a much smoother and brighter skin. Sinoz purifying peeling has a special formula with its facial cleansing peeling effect. Known as witch hazel, Hamamelis extract has an important role in preventing irritation while helping to exfoliate the skin.


It also strengthens the skin's moisture barrier, It can help lighten and moisturize the skin. The witch hazel in the cream peeling can be beneficial as an antioxidant, anti-aging, firming and sebum balancer. Kaolin clay in Sinoz peeling helps to control oiliness by cleansing the skin pores. While kaolin clay helps to soothe your skin, it can also help to equalize your skin tone.


How is peeling applied?

The application phase that can be given to the question of “how to use the peeling” is as follows: Apply Sinoz Purifying Cream Peeling once or twice a week by massaging your face and neck for 3 minutes with circular movements. Then rinse with lukewarm water. Avoid applying around the eyes. Dermatologically tested.