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Slimming and Tightening Cream with 4D Professional Fitness

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Slimming and Tightening Cream with 4D Professional Fitness

Eveline's Cosmetic Laboratory specialists have developed the INNOVATIVE AND TECHNOLOGICAL FORMULA, which takes care of the body by using the scientific discoveries of recent times, and affects the body instantly in terms of slimming and tightening.

This formula actively burns fat and reduces cellulite. The cracks are reduced and flattened and the formation of new ones is prevented.

bio-slim Fitness Complex- It has a strong tightening and anti-cellulite effect. Enhances the effect of other body sculpting ingredients and factors.
Lipocell Slim Complex and L-carnitine- Intensely stimulate microcirculation and reduce cellulite and adipose tissue formed by cells, 95% of which are covered with fat droplets.
Collagen and pro-elastin- Smoothes the skin, increases its elasticity and firmness.

The super-active powerful ingredients in its formula reach the deepest layers of adipose tissue and stimulate cells to burn cellulite and fat.

Effective for up to 48 hours

Best results when used during physical activity

Can be applied to sensitive and allergic skin

Thinning up to 3 cm

Usage: Apply 2 times a day by massaging the problem area vigorously until absorbed. You will instantly feel the effect with its cooling effect that does not cause discomfort. Wash your hands after use.

Extra 50ml gift

dermatologically tested