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Sunozon Bronzing Cream

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Sunozon Bronzing Cream

  •  • It is evenly distributed on the skin and gives a bronze appearance.
  • • It supports the skin's natural moisture content and gives a soft feeling by moisturizing it intensely.
  • • Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.
  • •  Suitable for all body types. 



  • •  It is recommended to exfoliate before the application. 
  • •  Apply evenly to cleansed skin. 
  • •  Do not apply to hairline and eyebrows. 
  • •  Wash your hands afterwards. 
  • •  Allow it to be completely absorbed by the skin. 
  • •  Its effect is fully revealed after 2-3 hours and provides a bronze appearance for a long time.



    • • Discontinue application in case of skin irritation.
    • • Remember to use appropriate sunscreen when in the sun.
    • • Does not contain UV filter. It does not provide protection against sun rays.
    • • Do not touch the clothes, it may leave permanent stains.
    • • Avoid contact with eyes.