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Sunozon Sun Gel SPF 50 For Sensitive Skin

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Sunozon Sun Gel SPF 50 For Sensitive Skin 

 • High protection for sensitive skin.
• IR-A protection: IR-A rays support the oxidative stress of the skin.
• If used regularly with its innovative active ingredient, it prevents this stress mechanism and related skin damage.
• Strengthens UVA/UVB protection.
• Tested by the German Allergy and Asthma Federation (DAAB).
• Water-based light hydro dispersion gel is water-resistant and prevents the risk of skin irritation caused by the sun.
• It keeps the skin moist and soft.
• Skin compatibility dermatologically approved.


3-5 teaspoons (15-25 ml) of sunscreen product is required for the child's body, and 8 dessert spoons (40 ml) of sunscreen product is required for the adult body.



    • • Reducing the amount that needs to be applied will significantly reduce the level of protection.
    • • To ensure the continuity of sun protection, repeat the application process especially after sweating, swimming or drying with a towel.
    • • Children and infants should be kept out of direct sunlight.
    • • Take care not to expose babies and children to the sun at noon (between 11:00 and 16:00) when the sun is intense.
    • • Protect babies and small children from the sun with appropriate clothing and protective accessories such as hats and glasses.
    • • Use a sunscreen product before being exposed to the sun.
    • • Do not stay in the sun for too long, even if you use a protective product.
    • • Every sunburn permanently damages the skin.
    • • Overexposure to the sun is a serious health threat.
    • • Do not apply the product around the eyes.
    • • Avoid contact of the product with eyes, in case of contact, wash with plenty of water.
    • • Consult a doctor in case of an undesirable effect that may occur with the use of the product.
    • • Keep the product out of the reach of small children.
    • • Consult a doctor if swallowed.
    • • Do not expose the product to direct sunlight, protect from extreme heat.
    • • Indicating that the feature of the product has changed; Do not use the product in case of a change in properties such as color, odor and homogeneity.
    • • Allow the product to be fully absorbed.
    • • Do not allow it to come into contact with clothes, it may leave permanent stains.
    • • Do not breathe.
    • • The effectiveness of sunscreen products depends on the amount of use and the correct use of the product, and use your product in the amounts and in the manner specified on the label.
    • • Close the mouth of the product tightly after use.