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Protein Bar - Double Cocoa 32 gr x 12 Pieces

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Protein Bar - Double Cocoa 32 gr x 12 Pieces

For those who think 'double' when it comes to cocoa, the undisputed favorite bar is Fellas Protein bar with Double Cocoa. A rational and healthy solution to cocoa sweet crises.

The most natural way to snack healthy!

High Protein, 100% Natural, No Sugar Added, Healthy Snack Protein Bar. Low Calorie Optimal Height. Gluten Free, Additive Free and Preservative Free. 

Protein Bar - Double Cocoa 32 gr x 12 Double Cocoa

The irresistible power of cocoa, which enchants you with its smell and makes you feel great with its taste, and the magnificent ingredients of Fellassin, came together and a wonderful flavor explosion emerged: Fellas Protein Bar with Double Cocoa! 

You will share the aromatic dance of this bar with double cocoa in every bite and you will not want to give up this taste. 

Why Should You Prefer Fellas Protein Bar Double Cocoa?


Fellas is a great snack if you do sports or pay attention to your diet. It is possible to support the repair of your muscle fibers by consuming Fellas protein bar. Fellas Protein bar with double cocoa has the feature of providing high protein synthesis in the muscles. The high protein synthesis of Fellas is especially necessary for people who train or not, but need it. It should be noted that muscle fibers can be damaged or inflamed, especially during exercise. 

Double Cocoa Protein Bar Fellas is ideal for anyone who trains or needs muscle synthesis as it accelerates muscle growth, repair and maintenance. 

What are the Features of Fellas Protein Bar with Double Cocoa?

Fellas Protein Bar Nutrition Values, which are only 105 calories, vary according to the content of the product. You are kindly requested to consider the nutritional values ​​specified. 

Fellas Protein Bar with double cocoa is prepared 100% natural and without added sugar. Fellas Protein Bar with Double Cocoa, which will be your favorite among healthy snacks, meets a great need with its ideal protein ratio, is also gluten-free, additive-free and preservative-free. 

Dates, Vitamin B6, Whey Protein Concentrate, Chicory Root Fiber (inulin), Milk Protein Concentrate It is possible to consume it with cocoa mass (cocoa butter, cocoa) content. 

Double Cocoa Healthy Snack

Grab your favorite Fellas from among our products, and experience the taste!

The best protein bar Fellas, which will be the first choice of those who want a healthy, additive-free and preservative-free snack with natural ingredients, will eliminate your need for dessert with its unique cocoa form! It will also form an important part of your diet by encouraging additional protein production in the body, helping to build the necessary muscle mass!

By consuming Fellas Double Cocoa Protein Bar, which you will always prefer with its taste, you can support rapid muscle recovery after exercise and you will acquire many beneficial substances for your body.  Who can say no to choosing a sugar-free, additive-free, natural and gluten-free choice that takes its flavor from plenty of cocoa? If you think like us, add your Fellas Protein Bar- Double Cocoa 32 Gr product to your basket, and it will come to you in 12 packs!