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Apitera Kids Banana (Royal Jelly-Honey-Propolis) 220 gr

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Apitera Kids Banana (Royal Jelly-Honey-Propolis) 220 gr

  • Specially formulated for children, Apitera Kids offers an irresistible taste for children with its dried banana alternative. Consisting of a mixture of honey, royal jelly and propolis, Apitera Kids Banana turns children's additional food needs into a delicious snack with its rich content and taste. Thus, while children meet their daily basic ingredient needs with great pleasure, you can enjoy feeding them with peace of mind!

    What is Apitera Kids Banana?

    Apitera Kids BananaWith its formula suitable for children's consumption and natural banana content, it is a food alternative that provides both safe and enjoyable consumption.

    What Does Apitera Kids Banana Do?

    Apitera Kids Banana; It helps to meet the daily nutritional needs of children with the honey, propolis and royal jelly it contains. It is not a medicine and can be used as a strong supplementary food for children.

    What Does Apitera Kids Banana Contain?

    In the formula of Apitera Kids Banana, which does not contain additives and preservatives; concentrated royal jelly (2 percent), propolis (1 percent) and high percentage of honey (96.5%). Specially developed for children, the mixture provides an easy and delicious consumption thanks to its formula enriched with dried banana (0.5%).

    Bal - Honey

    Honey, which is one of the most common bee crops in the world, provides both efficient and delicious consumption with its unique content and aroma. It contains protein, vitamins, minerals, organic fatty acids and enzymes along with a high amount of carbohydrates.

    Bee milk

    Royal jelly, which is the primary need in the nutrition of the queen bee, has high nutritional value with the proteins, vitamins, minerals, organic fatty acids and enzymes it contains.


    It is a natural substance produced by bees to protect their hives from diseases and harmful organisms. It contains high amount of fatty acids, phenolic compounds, vitamins and minerals.


    It is a fruit rich in potassium and protein. It contributes to meeting the daily energy needs of the body. It has a popular taste in terms of its soft aroma.

    How to use Apitera Kids Banana?

    Apitera Kids Banana can be consumed alone before breakfast or as a snack.

    Give it to your child in the morning to start the day.

    Have it between meals if desired.

    Eat alone or add to food and drink.

    How Much Should Apitera Kids Banana

    The recommended daily consumption of Apitera Kids Banana is one teaspoon (4 grams) per day for children aged 3 - 7 years; For children aged 7 to 12, it is one teaspoon (9 grams). Bee products allergy, asthma or high risk of allergy; In addition, the physician should be consulted about the consumption of children with various chronic diseases.

    How Does Apitera Kids Banana

    Apitera Kids Banana leaves a sweet and pleasant feeling on the palate as it contains dried bananas and high levels of honey. Thus, it can be consumed fondly by children.

    What is the Calorie Value of Apitera Kids Banana

    Apitera Kids Banana contains about 346 calories per 100 grams.