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حريم السلطان - شامبو حريم حليب دونز

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العلامة التجارية: Harem's
النوع: Hair Shampoo
رمز المنتج: LBSHAR69014
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Harem's Ottoman DONS MILK SHAMPOO 375 ml

Our shampoo containing Panthenol, Biotin  and  donkey milk extract  helps in cleaning your hair gently and deeply.

Our formula, strengthened with herbal extracts and vitamins, provides intensive care from root to tip for damaged and damaged hair.
It is suitable for use on all hairs with its optimum pH value and moisture balance. It can be easily used on normal or oily hair for daily hair cleaning without drying or oiling the hair. It helps the hair to be easily combed, to look brighter, softer and well-groomed.

375 ml

Free of Salt, Color, Alcohol and Paraben. SLS used in our shampoos is obtained from vegetable origin oils.