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Harems Pomegranate Extract Body Lotion 250 ml

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Harems Pomegranate Extract Body Lotion 250 ml

Pomegranate Extract Body Lotion

With its special oil blends, it is easily absorbed by your skin, moisturizes your skin all day long and gives it a silky softness. It keeps your skin looking well-groomed by protecting it against external influences. It also helps you achieve a younger and more well-groomed skin by activating cell regeneration.

Thanks to the vitamin E and polyphenols found in natural pomegranate oil, it helps your skin to be nourished and look smooth.


Pomegranate oil cream is an option that attracts attention as a natural skin care product and nourishes your skin. 

One of the most important features of pomegranate oil is its antioxidant richness. The high amount of antioxidants it contains fight free radicals and protect skin cells. This reduces the signs of skin aging, alleviates the appearance of wrinkles and makes the skin look younger and more vibrant.

Additionally, pomegranate oil maintains the skin's moisture balance and deeply moisturizes the skin. It nourishes dry and damaged skin, softens it, smoothes it and gives it a healthier appearance. It increases skin elasticity and helps you achieve a brighter skin by equalizing skin tone.

Pomegranate oil reduces skin inflammation and has calming properties. It soothes sensitive skin, relieves redness and provides relief to the skin. Additionally, pomegranate oil reduces the appearance of blemishes on the skin, equalizes skin tone and helps make the skin color more balanced.

You can nourish and protect your skin daily by using pomegranate oil cream regularly. You can apply it to cleansed skin and massage it to ensure it is absorbed. Since it has a light and quickly absorbed formula, it does not leave a feeling of heaviness on the skin and can be used easily under make-up.

Pomegranate oil cream is suitable for all skin types. It moisturizes dry skin, balances oily skin and preserves the natural balance of the skin in combination skin. This cream, which is also suitable for sensitive skin, gently nourishes and soothes your skin.

Pomegranate oil cream, a natural and effective skin care product, is a great option to beautify and rejuvenate your skin. Thanks to its natural content, it protects your skin from harmful chemicals and helps you achieve a healthy skin appearance.