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ISANA Hand and Nail Cream Aloe Vera 100 ml

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ISANA Hand and Nail Cream Aloe Vera 100 ml

 Isana Hand and Nail Cream, which provides intensive care to hands thanks to its Aloe Vera content, helps hands and nails have a silky texture by meeting their natural moisture needs.

Produced by Rossmann's well-known skin care brand, Isana, the cream protects hands from external influences throughout the day and contributes to their smooth appearance.


Benefits of ISANA Hand and Nail Cream Aloe Vera 100 ml

  •  It protects dry and needy hands from external influences thanks to its effective content and balanced oil formula.
  • It offers a soothing feature thanks to the chamomile extracts in its formula.
  •  It protects the natural moisture balance by relaxing the skin and allows the skin to be renewed.
  • Panthenol and glycerin active ingredients provide the skin with the moisture it needs and are quickly absorbed by the skin, leaving no oil layer.
  • With its strong formula containing Aloe Vera extracts, it helps to strengthen and grow healthy nails.
  • Isana Hand and Nail Cream, which is in the hand cream category, does not contain microplastics and is compatible with the skin in terms of pH.
  • It also offers reliability since its compatibility with the skin has been dermatologically tested.

How To Use ISANA Hand and Nail Cream Aloe Vera 100 ml?

  •  During the day, apply the cream that you get about the size of chickpeas to your hands and nails as if massaging.
  •  It is recommended to use Isana Liquid Soaps for effective cleaning of your hands.