Organic Rosehip Oil Arifoglu Rose Oil, Rosae Oleum, Cold Pressed ,%100 Virgin 100ml - Lujain Beauty

Organic Rosehip Oil Arifoglu Rose Oil, Rosae Oleum, Cold Pressed ,%100 Virgin 100ml

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Organic Rosehip Oil Arifoglu Rose Oil in 100ml Dropper Bottle 

Organic Rosehip Oil Arifoglu Rose Oil, Rosae Oleum, Cold Pressed ,%100 Virgin 100ml

Turkish Roses (Rosae)

Its homeland is Anatolia, It is very beautiful and precious. It is used to decorate parks and gardens as well as decorate rooms, balconies and terraces. It has many colors. It is a very demanded flower in cut floristry

Arifoğlu Rose Oil has a refreshing, refreshing and unique relaxing fragrance. It is an Aromatherapy and Phytotherapy oil frequently used by women and medieval and Ottoman physicians throughout history.


Benefits of using Organic Rosehip Oil

  • 🌷 Rose oil has a moisturizing effect, as it helps to get rid of dry skin and cracking.


  • 🌷 Rose oil helps fight facial wrinkles and signs of aging and get rid of sagging face.


  • 🌷 Rose oil has antibacterial properties that can help treat skin infections and effectively treat acne.


  • 🌷 Rose oil is essential for oily skin, as it can be used to soften the skin as it acts as an astringent that helps tighten the skin and open the pores of the skin.


  • 🌷 It helps get rid of acne, boils or other unwanted skin spots.


  • 🌷 It works as a good coolant and conditioner for the skin and protects sensitive skin from the sun's rays.


  • 🌷 Rose oil is also a good source of Vitamin C (C), which acts as an antioxidant and works to regenerate skin tissue.


  • 🌷 Rose oil can be used directly on open wounds because it helps reduce bleeding and has antiseptic properties that protect the wound from infections.


  • 🌷 It helps maintain hormonal balance and has an important role in keeping your complexion radiant.


  • 🌷 It helps reduce the appearance and improve the appearance of stretch marks and repair skin imperfections.


  • 🌷 Regular use of rose oil will help get rid of acne and clear the face.


  • 🌷 Rose oil helps flush out toxins and prevents the development of rashes and ulcers.


  • 🌷 Rose oil can be used in body massages, as it is a good anti-depressant that works to reduce tension and calm nerves and is also known to improve blood circulation. 



You can apply a few drops to your neck, temples, wrists or hand - body cream and then apply it to your skin. You can also apply it directly to your hair ends or by drip on your hair brush. You can also try to use the final rinse water or shampoo, sponge or washcloth in the bath, prepare a mask on your whole skin, and drip it on your face, room heaters, etc.


It is obtained from rose petals by the method of water vapor distillation.


Rose Oil - Rose Oil (Rosae Oleum)

Origin: Turkey


* At room temperature; Store in a covered place, out of light.


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