Pure Coconut No Rinsing Needs Hair Cream 150ml | Urban Care - Lujain Beauty
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Pure Coconut No Rinsing Needs Hair Cream 150ml | Urban Care

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Pure Coconut No Rinsing Needs Hair Cream 150ml | Urban Care

Color Protecting Hair Care Serum Containing Pure Coconut Oil and Aloe Vera; It has been developed for dyed, highlighted and damaged hair.

With its specially developed formula, it helps to protect your hair color, increase its permanence and gain shine.

Provides silky softness and easy combing.
Does not make hair heavy.

With its soft and creamy texture, it helps the hair to be easily shaped by reducing the electrification in the hair.

With its special formula, it smoothes the hair by affecting it and helps to reduce hair breakage.

• Contains UV Filter.
• It helps the color of the paint to maintain its brightness of the first day with protection against the sun.
• Does not contain silicone and paraben.

Maintenance Advice

  • Apply to wet or damp hair lengths and ends.
  • Do not rinse.
  • After drying your hair, you can apply it to the lengths and ends of the hair as a final touch and shape it with a soft and shiny appearance.
  • It is applied to the hair in the size of a hazelnut.
  • Intensive Care Proposal; You can apply it to your entire hair as a pre-wash mask care and then rinse it off.