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Sinoz Red Gel 200 ml

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العلامة التجارية: Sinoz
النوع: Massage Gel
رمز المنتج: LBSSin130023
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Sinoz Red Gel

Sinoz Red Gel provides instant regional relief. There is no disruption to life with Sinoz Red Gel, which you cannot separate! 200 ml



You can feel regional relief with Sinoz Red Gel, a massage gel with a relaxing cream effect. Sinoz Red Gel can help you if your life is interrupted by the complaint of muscle stiffness. Sinoz Red Gel (Massage Gel) is a product that you can apply in the form of a massage gel, just like a relaxing cream.


Sinoz Red Gel Benefits and Content

Sinoz Red Gel contains red vine leaves. Flavonoid substance contained in the extract of this leaf helps to reduce painful, tired legs complaints. It can provide a feeling of relief by creating a feeling of warming in the muscles. Thus, you can continue your life without disruptions in your social life and without restricting your mobility. Horse chestnut in the formula of Sinoz Red Gel, one of the leading options of cream products containing horse chestnut; It helps to relieve uncomfortable sensations in joints and muscles with the Escin substance in it. Arnica extract helps to reduce edema pressure that occurs in cases such as muscle pain, post-impact swelling, bruises and sprains. Sinoz red gel cream is a massage cream that can be seen by those who are looking for a relaxing cream. Red cream, with its massage gel structure, also provides ease of application. Sinoz massage cream effective red gel may cause a burning sensation due to its refreshing content.

What does Sinoz Red Gel do?

With Sinoz massage gel, you can feel the refreshing and relaxing effect of massage on your muscles. Its formula penetrates the skin with massage and helps the feeling of relaxation in the muscles. Among the massage gel prices, Sinoz Red Gel is one of the products that make the consumer happy in terms of price-performance.

How to use Sinoz Red Gel?

Red Gel Sinoz is applied to the area to be applied in sufficient amount and massaged. It can be used in arm, leg and back area. It is not suitable for use in the face area. The application can be repeated 2 times a day. It may give a feeling of warmth during and after the application. It is recommended that you first try on an area of ​​your skin to avoid allergic reactions.

Warnings: For external use. Keep out of the reach of children. Avoid contact with eyes, in case of contact rinse with plenty of water. Store at room temperature away from direct sunlight. Wash your hands after application. It is a cosmetic product, not a medicine.