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Vegrano Nutritional Yeast + Soy Protein + Pea Protein

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Vegrano Nutritional Yeast + Soy Protein + Pea Protein

Vegrano Bezelye Proteini 100 g:
Vegrano Pea Protein is a vegetable product containing high protein.

It is an ideal protein source for vegans, vegetarians and athletes.

Dosage:  20-50 g according to weight and required protein ratio.

Protein Ratio: 81.7 
Carbs : 0
Lif                 :  7
Vegrano Soya Proteini 100 g:
 Our Vegrano Soy Protein, which is produced by herbal means, does not contain GMOs. You can use it with confidence.

It is a good protein choice for those who do sports as it does not contain fat and cholesterol. Easily digestible Vegrano Soy Protein contains more vitamin B1 than red meat.


Usage for athletes:

Recommended dosage for beginners in training: 50 g

Recommended dosage for heavy training: 100 g.



What are the Uses of Nutritional Yeast?

Nutritional Yeast is suitable for vegan and vegetarian nutrition. Since it has a cheesy taste, it is frequently used in vegan cheese making. It is preferred in cheese making for people who are sensitive to dairy products. It is used in soups, pastas, tofu delicacies.